Deadweight Calibration Certificates

Jaron Wolff has in house testing equipment to calibrate all makes and models of pressure gauges. Our technicians can test anywhere from -24 Inches of Hg vacuum up to 60,000 PSI. We are the only company in Canada that will test up to 60,000 PSI. To ensure that your gauges are calibrated with precision, Jaron Wolff offers certificates traceable to NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology ) standards for all gauges that exceed or meet API Specification. All of Jaron Wolff's deadweight testing equipment is certified and tested on a regular basis to ensure proper calibration and is traceable to NIST standards.

Jaron Wolff has the ability to have a number of brand name torque wrenches deadweight calibrated. Whether it's Proto, Gray Tools, Norbar or Mac Tools we will have it certified, repaired and provide you with a deadweight certificate for auditing purposes. All testing equipment and procedures are traceable to the NIST Standards.