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Diaphragm Seal - Pulp and Paper Seals



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Pulp and Paper Seals

DSPP Series Pulp and Paper Diaphragm Seals are designed to withstand the harsh and highly viscous process media associated with the Paper and Pulp manufacturing process. Reotemp offers three styles that can be purchased with weld spuds, for new applications, or as replacements designed to fit into existing industry standard process fittings.


Construction Materials

Diaphragm: 316SS/316L, Hast C-276 Lower Housing: 316SS/316L, Hast C-276, Monel, or others Gasket: Viton (Style S1 and S2 Only), Klinger (Style TH Only) Upper Housing: 316L /316 SS

Process Temperature Limits

Metallic Lower S1 S2 TH
Viton Gasket -15/400ºF -15/400ºF -15/400ºF
Klinger Gasket -110/400ºF -110/500ºF -110/400ºF

Ambient Temperature Limits

Determined by the Pressure Instrument

Minimum Recommended Span

S1 S2
2.5” & 3.5” Gauges 15 psi 30 psi
4”, 4.5”, & 6” Gauges N/A 100 psi
Transmitter (Gauge Pressure) 15 psi 15 psi
Transmitter (Differential Pressure) N/A N/A
Differential Pressure Gauge (D40/42 Only) N/A N/A


Note: Weights are Approximate Metallic Lower
S1 2.3lbs
S2 3.5lbs
TH 3.7lbs

Maximum Working Pressure at 100°F

S1 300 psi
S2 300 psi
TH 600 psi

Data Sheet

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