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Pressure transmitter PTPi w/integrated display



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Pressure transmitter for the process industry (data sheet 9711)

With HART® communication

The precision pressure transmitter PTPi is suitable for precisely measuring and monitoring vacuum, absolute pressures and positive pressures of liquid as well as gaseous media for pressure ranges from −7 / +7 mbar to 0 – 1000 bar and absolute pressures up to 70 bar.
A piezoresistive resistance silicon sensor, which is separated from the medium by the membrane and a special manometric liquid, serves as measuring element. The case is made of die-cast aluminum or stainless steel 3161) with degree of protection IP66. It is equipped with an integrated LC display (adjustable horizontally / vertically) and can be rotated by 0 – 340° relative to the sensor. The SIL2 version is optionally available.
The mounting of chemical seals is possible, e.g. for the petrochemical industry (see model overview 7000 and the data sheets of heading 7, e.g. data sheet 7500).
1) optional

model PTPi
accuracy ≤ ±0.075 %
special equipment • HART® communication • analogue output signal: 2-wire 4…20 mA, linear • turn-down 1:100 (−1 / +7 bar to 0 – 1000 bar) • PED conformity 2014/68/EU
measuring cell / sensor piezoresistive measuring cell diaphragm placed inside, stainless steel 316L, welded
output signals analogue: 2-wire 4…20 mA digital: HART® communication
measuring range −7 / +7 mbar to 0 – 1000 bar absolute pressure up to 70 bar
case die-cast aluminum with display
process connection G 1⁄2 B (according to DIN EN 837) with orifice Ø 4 mm (0.16") wetted parts stainless steel 316L

Data Sheet

English - DS 9711