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DIN-A Female Power Connector

SKU 43-1772-006-04


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DIN-A female power connector, Contacts: 3+PE, 6.0-8.0 mm, unshielded, screw clamp, IP40 without seal, VDE, ESTI+

This female power connector with central bolt locking system and a pin count of 3+PE is according to its protection class IP40 protected against solid foreign bodies and against access with a wire. No protection against water. It can be used in areas with a pollution degree of 3. In places where contamination can occur that is conductive or can become conductive through condensation. With temperatures ranges of -30 °C/120 °C is this unshielded type A Gerätesteckdose designed for both severe cold and severe heat and has the VDE, ESTI+ approval. Due to the qualified rated voltage of 250 V and the rated current of 10,0 A it is perfectly tuned for its field of application. It complies with the type standard DIN EN 175301-803.