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Chart Recorder



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Barton style mechanical chart recorder.  12" Chart, adjustable battery operated clock, various mounting options.  Pressure or Pressure/Temp available.  Various ranges.  Contact us with your requirements to receive a quote.



Housing: Cast aluminum
Dimensions: Overall 20” x 14” x 6”
Weight: 30 pounds
Mounting: panel, 2” pipe mount, shock mount or stand and handle
Security: Optional locking hasp
Coating: black powder coat

Sensing Elements:

Up to three sensing pens
Stainless Steel Helical wound bourdon tubes, per n.a.c.e. mr-0175
helical pressure element ranges 0- 50 psi thru 0- 30,000 psi ranges available.
Temp system with1 ¾” x 11/16” temp sensing bulb with armoured capillary
standard ranges 0- 150° f., 0- 200°f., 0- 300°f., 0 100°c….other ranges and capillary links available upon request.


Accuracy to 1% of full scale for pressure elements and temperature elements
Temperature: -40 to +300 degrees Fahrenheit
Up to 50’ of Capillary