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Bourdon tube pressure gauge with integrated pressure transmitter model DIGPTM (data sheet 9632)

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Bourdon tube pressure gauge with integrated pressure transmitter model DIGPTM (data sheet 9632)

Capsule gauges for low pressure with integrated ALL-IN-ONE precision transmitter are used to measure and monitor gaseous, non-aggressive media.
The possibility of digital crosslinking via RS-485 interface, the 4...20 mA analogue output or the use of the two integrated switching outputs extend the application areas of the combined device for the solution of various MSR applications.
In addition to the electronic remote data transmission of the measured values, the classic mechanical display of the device provides a fast on-site indication of the measurand. At the same time it is a redundant measuring method to the transmitter.
Both switching outputs are freely adjustable regarding their switching function, switch points and switching hysteresis via USSCOM software. Furthermore, it has a software low-pass, which efficiently suppresses pulsation of the medium.
Active temperature compensation guarantees the compliance with the error class in the entire rated temperature range without any additional errors.
The USSCOM software is also used to display the measured pressure and temperature values of up to 254 crosslinked transmitters on one PC.

model / case filling KPCh 100 / without case filling
case stainless steel
ring bayonet ring stainless steel
special equipment with integrated pressure transmitter, model DIGPTM output signal 4…20 mA, 2-wire, digital RS-485
accuracy class / nominal case size 1.6 NCS 100 (4")
wetted material – 3 stainless steel
pressure ranges 0 – 2.5 mbar to 0 – 600 mbar

Data Sheet

English - DS 9632